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The Hurricane Catchers Spencer Earl

The Hurricane Catchers

Spencer Earl

Published February 4th 2013
ISBN : 9781482310573
320 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

The worlds energy needs have shifted to a new source. Young and brave scientists and pilots have learned how to use the violent and unpredictable winds of hurricanes to provide energy to the world. Chief among the scientists to learn the techniques of mastering hurricane power is Murdoch. A roguish character with a brilliant mind, he soon enlists Baha Jones to carry out his schemes as he tries ever harder to create stronger and more powerful hurricanes to harvest the energy the world so seeks. She is a beautiful redhead with a fiery and indefatigable spirit and a penchant for high-danger. Baha is a hurricane pilot who flies the aerobines that harvest the energy of the hurricanes. When she meets up with Murdoch she soon finds that he is the only man who can satiate her perilous need to challenge ever greater risk. They slowly begin to fall in love as they learn about each others desires and how they can be fulfilled through one another. Murdoch seeks to provide Baha with even greater challenges believing she will be attracted to him as a result. He believes that Bahas love for him grows with each new challenge he creates for that promises greater risk. Though friends try to forewarn them, their mutual inner desires entwine thrusting them on a path toward possible mutual destruction. Fate steps in at last when the two come face-to-face with a fatal challenge. Though they cannot back down from what they have created, they unwittingly involve their friends who seek to rescue them. Fatal consequences soon ensue.