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Down River John Hart

Down River

John Hart

Kindle Edition
336 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

No. No, no, no. Overwrought, overly dramatic, just...too much. I read the first 100 pages, was irritated, then read the last 20 pages and felt like i did ok with skipping the rest.The main character is accused of killing a young man 10 years ago and is totally sold out by his stepmother. His father doesnt back him and he cant figure out why. He leaves without a word to anyone, goes to NY, leaves his detective lover behind (who is VERY ANGRY THAT HE LEFT) and then comes back (dont know why) to mend fences and figure out who killed the dude. Theres all kinds of FAMILY DRAMA and he is VERY ANGRY and NOBODY IS HAPPY TO SEE HIM. So much drama! So over the top! Bleh. I loved King of Lies, I dont remember it taking itself this seriously, but I just couldnt get behind everything being connected and all of the family ties coming apart. Dark family secrets! Love children! Untrustworthy siblings! Vengeance! Mean daddies! Hart wrote with too heavy a hand and pissed me off. Just...no.I seem to be in the minority, so im curious if anyone else reads it and agrees with me. But if you read it and hate it, dont say I didnt warn you!